At Visi, we guage our success, on your success.

Vísi Business Opportunity

Life-Changing Leadership

Life-Changing Vísi

Vísi helps you reach your potential by providing you with multiple ways to enhance your life. Through Life-Changing Leadership, Life-Changing Products and Life-Changing Opportunity, you can maximize your potential.

At Vísi, Life-Changing Leadership encourages you to improve in every aspect of your life. As you build your Vísi business, you will be a leader to each and every person you introduce to the company. You will become Vísi. As you and your organization continue to develop personally and professionally, the impact that Vísi has on all involved will truly be life changing.

Drawing on the unconquerable spirit of the Norsemen, Vísi’s Life-Changing Opportunity allows you to find your passion and purpose. Prosper physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially so you can fulfill your greatest dreams—no matter what your dream may be—and help others do the same.

Take the Vísi Pledge

”I am going to seize the opportunity to better my life. I will reach my potential. This is my time to shine. The economic winter of my life is over. I am Vísi.”


We are one of Vísi’s premier U.S. and International leadership/training teams and founding members.  Our mission is to make sure your mission succeeds.

Brian Bailey and Jamie Dulaney


Benefits of Owning a Home-Based Business

  • Low Risk: No overhead or traditional getting-started costs
  • Residual Income: Build a second stream of income
  • Tax Benefits: Lower your tax burden with various deductions
  • Flexibility: It’s up to you how much time and effort you put into it
  • Decision Making: You are your own boss

The Direct Selling Industry

The Direct Selling Advantage

The direct selling industry provides a safe and secure way to create your own personal economy. The Direct Selling Association reported $28.56 BILLION in annual sales during 2010! Health and wellness products represented a significant portion of that billion-dollar market.

Perhaps more impressively, over 90% of direct sellers reported that they worked their business part-time. This business model allows you to create a profitable side-business and additional stream of income, regardless of your other responsibilities. If you have other commitments to work, school, and/or family, you can still build a Vísi business when it’s convenient for you and earn a lucrative paycheck.

7 Ways to Earn

Supplement your Income with Vísi

Vísi offers Life-Changing Opportunity with a compensation plan designed to completely transform your life. The pillar of the Vísi Compensation Plan is Dual Team Bonuses. This lucrative bonus pays up to 20% of your team’s volume. Ways to Earn with Vísi’s Lucrative Compensation Plan:

  1. Retail Sales
  2. Get Three, Yours Is FREE
  3. First Order Bonuses
  4. Dual Team Bonuses
  5. Express Sales Coding Bonuses
  6. The Vísi Luxury Car Bonus
  7. $1,000,000 Cash Bonus

Put an end to an economic winter, and embark on a life-changing opportunity.


 Together We Are Vísi!

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