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Dr. Charles Rouse Makes VISI GLOBAL Home


Dr. Charles Rouse, R.Ph., N.M.D. , Visi Medical Team

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Charles Rouse (a.k.a. Dr.Charley) as the head of Visi’s Medical Advisory Board.  Starting today, May 1, 2012, Dr. Charley will be working exclusively with Visi Global as its medical expert.  His knowledge and understanding of natural medicine is well-established and highly respected, which makes him a sought after speaker/lecturer by his industry peers. 

Dr. Charles A. Rouse, Jr., is a Registered Pharmacist and Doctor of Natural Medicine. In addition to the titles of speaker, author and health talk show radio host, Dr. Rouse is the founder of The Medicine Man’s Corner, a naturopathic pharmacy, in Albany, Georgia.  Dr. Rouse’s unique background gives him special insight into traditional medicine as well as the highly acclaimed world of natural medicine.

The excitement is building to crescendo as distributors are anxiously waiting to learn more about Visi’s powerful proprietary Arctic berry blends, among them the Cloudberry and Lingonberry, as Dr. Rouse begins to unfold the science behind them.  Visi Gobal is assembling the best-of-the-best from its corporate management to its field leadership, and with the arrival of Dr. Charley to head its Medical Team, it will undoubtedly continue on its fast and upward course to bring the most amazing health, energy and weight loss products to the world. 

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One comment on “Dr. Charles Rouse Makes VISI GLOBAL Home

  1. Wendy Snow Troxclair
    September 30, 2012

    Hi Dr. Rouse! I am a new distributor with Visi and I am LOVING it!! I have a question that only you can answer. A gal I know from another company I was with wanted to get a sample and try our weight loss product. Today, Sunday was her first day. She said she was feeling weird, she thinks it is messing with her hear meds. She felt faint and strange!! She never disclosed she was on any meds. I told her to eat something and I would find out. She said she already ate, I said eat again!She asked which ingredient would make her feel that way and aslo is there a vaso dialator effect?? HELP!! I really need your input!!
    Thank you
    Wendy Snow

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